West Suffolk Tri 2015 Results

To view to full results for this years Triathlon please see the attachment below.

Congratulations to our overall winners, Lee Shipp & Rebecca Layland, all our age group winners and everyone who completed to course.

See you in 2016.

Photo's of the prize giving and some runners can be found following this link. https://flic.kr/s/aHskmuVMSr

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West Suffolk Triathlon 2015

Only two weeks to go until race day, your going to need your race day licence which you can download from the PDF attached called WST 2015 Day Licence. There is also a copy our Race Permit attached so you know everything is registered and approved by Triathlon England.

All competitors have been emailed detailed instructions for the day, with helpful hints, links to maps & videos and instructions on what to do and timings.

See you in two weeks
Julian Colman - WST Race Director
Email suffolktri@gmail.com

Download this file (WST 2015 Day Licence.pdf)WST 2015 Day Licence[ ]1577 Kb
Download this file (WST 2015 Race Permit.pdf)2015 Race Permit[ ]202 Kb

West Suffolk Triathlon – 27th September 2015 – Detailed Instructions

Not long to go until race day so we hope your training is going well and we look forward to seeing you on 27th Sept. Please read the following instructions - they are for your information and safety. It is your responsibility to be aware of these contents which constitute the race briefing. The race briefing on the day itself will not run through all the information below but will be confined to essential health and safety information. Please ask if you are unsure or have any questions regarding any of the details below.


Hill Climb TT 20/8/15

Position Name Club First Second Total
1 Tom Smith WSW 1.03.08 1.07.41 2.10.49
2 Fabian Horrocks (U18) Velo Shils Interbike 1.05.36 1.08.45 2.13.81
3 Richard Farrow WSW 1.14.95 1.15.07 2.30.02
4 Pip Moore WSW 1.17.56 1.17.66 2.35.22
5 Paul Rooke WSW 1.17.32 1.20.29 2.37.61
6 Steve Newman WSW 1.19.58 1.21.75 2.41.33
7 Boyd Nicholas WSW 1.19.55 1.25.09 2.44.64
8 Martin Gale WSW 1.27.36 1.25.93 2.53.29
9 David Young WSW 1.27.17 1.29.94 2.57.11
10 Viv Smith WSW 1.33.39 1.36.57 3.09.96
11 Henry Wood WSW 1.33.64 1.38.50 3.12.14
12 Zoila Gilham-Fernandez WSW 1.40.09 1.34.83 3.14.92
13 Robin Lines (U18) WSW 1.35.98 1.45.04 3.21.02
14 Graham Smith WSW 1.37.53 1.46.52 3.24.05

Livermere 5.5m TT 13/8/15

Position Name Club Time
1 Dale Sturman WSW 12.02
2 Darren Baker WSW 12.28
3 Matt Shingleton WSW 12.32
4 Paul Rooke WSW 12.44
5 Darren Sharman WSW 12.57
6 Pip Moore WSW 13.15
7 Fraser Elsworth (U18) WSW 13.38
8 Thomas Long WSW 13.53
9 Martin Gale WSW 13.59
10 David Young WSW 14.21
11 George Broughton WSW 14.25
12 Henry Wood WSW 14.30
13 Mark Eastwood WSW 14.32
14 Zoila Gilham-Fernandez WSW 14.42
15 Marcus Richardson WSW 14.47
16 Ray Reeves WSW 14.52
17 David Howes WSW 14.56
18 Chris Brownhill WSW 15.07
19 Neil Grimmer WSW 15.50
20 Harry Shingleton (U18) WSW 16.08
21 Robin Lines (U18) WSW 16.13
22 Dick Lines WSW 18.10

West Suffolk Triathlon 2015

Our 2015 Tri is shaping up to be our best yet, the event is a sell out with 250 entrants.

For more information click on West Suffolk Triathlon in the Event & Promotions tab, where you will find maps, contact details and general info. In the weeks leading up to our race you will be emailed a more detailed information pack.

You can also follow our dedicated West Suffolk Triathlon Facebook page, with current information, bike course video, downloadable Garmin route, photos and chat.

See you on 27th September.


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